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Sponsor Update

After almost eighteen months, Maximaal Advies and I have decided to terminate the contract and to go our separate ways in good consultation. Thank you very much for the opportunity offered and we will certainly see each other and see each other in the future! Happy to report that I have now signed with Hemeco…

Door roland 19 april 2021 Uit

New main sponsor: Maximaal Advies!

As of 1 February, Maximaal Advies is the main sponsor of Martijn. Martijn and Maximaal Advies have entered into a long-term agreement with the focus on becoming fully professional within the PDC. Ron Meulenkamp, ​​who is also sponsored by Maximaal Advies, will play a guiding role in this. After consideration and comparison with multiple sponsorship…

Door roland 24 januari 2020 Uit