New sponsor!

New sponsor!

30 augustus 2019 Uit Door roland

We are happy that we can and may announce a new sponsor: BALLANCE Harderwijk. In addition to supporting Martijn mentally, BALLANCE will also become a shirt sponsor. Martijn and Remco (co-founder) have been working together for a long time, under the name Optimind, and Remco has prepared Martijn for the Finder Darts Masters and helped with Martijn’s fear of flying.

BALLANCE Harderwijk gets optimum results from people through successful coaching and training based on neurological science, the latest medical technologies and mindset and de-stressing techniques.

With this technique, Martijn is coached to deal well with setbacks (which will certainly come) and make optimal use of the positive experiences that have already been gained (gains from the first BDO ranked tournaments, for example) and to make Martijn mentally resilient.

BALLANCE. Harderwijk also provides training to groups and they help employees of various companies to stay mentally balanced.

You can find more information at